A page for describing BLAM: Film. The following Big Lipped Alligator Moments were producer- and director-approved. One has to wonder just how many takes it …

This TV miniseries turned out to be one of the most remarkable Jules Verne adaptations, remaining unusually faithful to the original book, including the exterior design of the Nautilus. Deviations from the original book were either limited to budget restrictions or moderate artistic liberty: While it seems not credible that the Nemo of the book achieved various, physically demanding stunts (considering he was weakened and subsequently dying of old age), Omar Sharif is much younger, relies on what's left of his crew (killed by some kind of disease) and eventually shares the same fate as his alter ego James Mason in the Disney version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea .

Hot sugar syrup can cause bad burns, so be careful of splashing and don't feel tempted to stick your finger in it! You need a digital thermometer or sugar thermometer to check the temperature. (Actually, you can check it using the old-fashioned drop test into cold water, but for that I suggest you check out one of your cookbooks — look up 'firm ball' stage.) Syrups harden quickly as they cool, so you need to have your equipment and ingredients ready to go.

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