Personal information; Full name: Barak Itzhaki : Date of birth (1984-09-25) September 25, 1984 (age 33) Place of birth: Ashkelon, Israel : Height: m (5 ft 8 1 ...

Today, anyone can search for family records and documents or collect oral histories, but for many generations it was the exclusive domain of scholars and rabbis. The Hebrew Bible is full of pages and pages of genealogies, and  yichus —knowing your lineage—can be an obsession for Jews, especially for those of illustrious ancestry. It is of particular importance today in the Hasidic world where family background can determine position and status.

Neil is one of Israel's leading IP lawyers, with experience of more than 25 years practicing law. In addition to Neil's skills in prosecution, he has significant experience in technology and transfer law, transactions and merging acquisitions, consulting and infringement cases.

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My last name is Slavic origin as well, Serbia is where it originated, In Serbia it would be spelled Kajganic, not sure how common a surname name is over there, but it’s quite possible some jews are using it, haven’t found anything yet. I’ll have to keep digging. mike illitch comes to mind he’s a jew yet he claims Macedonian heritage, but that last name isn’t Slavic, it’s a faux Slavic surname.

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